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Why should I choose Photo Studio 650?

Here you will find a professional team that provides high quality service. Every child is special so the process of the photo session will always be individual to fit you and your little one as much as possible.

Remember that a photo is a past that always lives in the present.

What kind of services does Photo Studio 650 offer?

Our versatile photographers enable us to provide photo services in all directions, such as: individual (outdoor, studio), children (outdoor, studio), wedding, banquet and any kind of celebration.

How long in advance does the recording take place?

Recording takes place a few days before, there were cases we recorded on the same day.

How to pre-register?

can be pre-recorded as social networks Facebook or Instagram In a private message, as well as by calling the studio number 551 101 650 and our website Online recording.

It is necessary to pre-record a photo, part of the money transfer - Bank of external machines, personal deposit account number 61010018157 GEL account.

What ensures the quality of service?

session will be 3D high quality wallpapers, why 3D wallpapers? This is an easy way to be able to shoot several decorations and save time during the photo session, time is important for the child's character.

We have a lot of choices for decorations: birthday; Gift room; Sea; Beach; Of nature; Forest; Cartoon characters; Decorating rooms; New Year's corners.

Also 3D wallpaper is safe.

We also have a professional, high level of lighting, equipment and of course a photographer who is distinguished by a love of work.

do you have clothes

All clothes have a size, people of all ages come to us, let's talk about children, it is impossible to have clothes from 1 to 15 years old...

You have to bring clothes, if you have selected backgrounds (decorations), easily match them and bring several options (Nariad), you are not limited in changing.

We have a lot of hats, scarves, blankets, socks, accessories and toys

How soon will you send me the photos? Who will deliver me or where?

Delivery of photos 3-5 days.

We send by modern means in the form of Wetransfer or Google Drive link. It does not lose quality and photos are sent in their original size. You can download it both on a computer-laptop and on a phone.

We don't write photos to disk, why? New modern computers don't have disk readers, they have already gone out of use, of course the phone doesn't have a disk reader either. In spite of all this, the disk is quickly perishable, you may not be able to open it after a few months.

To this day we are surprised when people ask us why you don't write to CD??

I want to buy a voucher remotely, how possible?

Call us at the photo studio number 551 101 650

Then you can book a date

To reserve the date, it is necessary to deposit the amount - from the external machines of the Bank of Georgia, by depositing the amount into the personal number 61010018157 to the GEL account.

Then you will receive a voucher for an electronic version

Overall the number of photos you capture

The number of photos depends on the child, how persistent he will be during the photo session. If the child is naughty, we have to take a lot of photos, a lot of photos, for example: 100 and 150 photos do not necessarily mean good. It is better to be 50 and good photos, emotional, beautiful and funny

How long has Photo Studio 650 been around?

Photo Studio 650 was founded in February 2018. Despite the fact that we have already been able to gain popularity in Adjara for a short time, you can be sure that any of your requests, questions or suggestions will be considered and satisfied in the shortest possible time.

Where exactly are you?

You can easily use the Google Map Navigator Our coordinates Map 650 Studio

If you don't have a navigator, you can find us with photos 🙂

Address: Batumi, Gorgiladze 118 (Old Gorki Street)

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